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songwriter. poet. guitarist.

'Dazzling fingerpicking reminiscent of John Martyn at his most fluid with a Bert Janch-like percussive snap.' 

'Phenomenal guitar playing. Clever storytelling and lyrics.'

'Phosphor by Karl Culley is an excellent album with more than a hint of Kelly Joe Phelps about it.'

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'Brilliant, dynamic, beautiful.' 
10 /10

'Impressive. Each song twists in intriguing directions.' 

'Do not distract your attention from this musical genius.'

'If John Martyn, Tim Buckley, and José González rock your boat, here’s a new name to delight you.'


'Peace and gravity…affectionate and inviting.'

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'A genius in the making.'

'Culley's from the Nick Drake school of hushed, introspective songwriting… hypnotic, atmospheric and inviting.' 


'Subtle, poetic, like a craft work with lots of fine details unfolding when you look closer... simply clever, stunning work.'

'I can’t think of anyone in the UK today writing better acoustic songs.

Spell-binding acoustic genius.'

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